GCFM Services Package

The Global Coalition for Frontier Markets (GCFM) offers a wide range of services to companies and investors willing to develop new projects in frontier markets and enjoy the many opportunities they offer.

The GCFM team members have gained extensive experience in conducting projects in many developing countries from Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe to South Asia, Eastern Asia, Pacific nations and Africa.  We are a globally spread out team that works on different international initiatives and offer our functional expertise to companies that are willing to enter and expand their businesses in frontier markets around the world.

As markedly distinctive from the emerging markets, the frontier markets are now being given more importance and attention by international companies. Their flexible yet efficient approach to development, their dynamic economy and the wide range of incentives their government offer, make them attractive destinations for both small and medium companies (SMEs) and large companies.

Frontier markets can be found on all continents; they are young and growing markets that have successively achieved their initial steps towards achieving sustainable economic development. They are now searching for diversifying their economy and improving global economic integration.


The Global Coalition for Frontier Markets accompanies companies and investors in their exploration and development in frontier markets to conduct successful projects.

Market research

The Global Coalition for Frontier Markets experts and its associated members (Ambassadors) determine the viability of a defined product or service in a given frontier market by conducting adequate research.

This activity is performed by comparing the new service/product with the offer at hand and expected needs, and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the new service/product.

The global stakeholders network developed by the coalition gives our experts the scope to jointly develop the projects and collect/ share precious opinions about new initiatives.

Investment strategy

The rapid transformation of frontier markets has created new opportunities for foreign investors in various sectors. With special incentives, and national development strategies, frontier markets are increasing their visibility and attractivity.

Our experts can provide guidance about the sectors and activities that national and local governments of frontier markets prioritize in their development strategy.

The Coalition also advises investors about the right investment scale to be adopted for their project in frontier markets.

The Coalition does not only focus on large scale investment as we believe that in frontier markets small investment in emerging sectors, like clean energy, biotechnology and  education, can greatly benefit host societies and generate

Our experts accompany and guide investors at every step they are making in their project.

Smart Economic and Legal Consultancy

The Global Coalition for Frontier Markets offers consulting services to companies that are willing to develop new activities in dynamic markets. Our team provides full assistance to companies willing to operate in frontier markets.  We analyze their concepts and study how they can be smartly adapted to a local targeted market.

Our Ambassadors network in different countries also enables entrepreneurs and companies to get in touch with Frontier Market-based stakeholders with whom new partnership can be concluded.

The Coalition’s experts analyses the challenges, especially economic and legal related, which new projects may face in frontier markets and develop possible smart solutions to tackle them.     

Frontier markets are adopting new legislation and conducting reforms at a rapid path to further attract foreign investors. Our team in cooperation with international legal advisors help companies and investors analyzing legal reforms that may impact our clients’ project. Our connections with leaders and scholars in many frontier markets can forecast the next reforms to be adopted and identify the possible sectors where to operate.  

Wealth Intelligence

Frontier Markets offer business opportunities to both large and small companies. These markets are very dynamic and buzzing with energy. Local entrepreneurs have valuable experience and ideas to share, whilst they need the financial boost to scale up their initiatives.

Investing in Frontier Markets is a good solution to diversify assets portfolio and expand activities in countries presenting a strong desire for reforms and generating sustainable benefits.

The Coalition accompanies and guides it’s all stakeholders to it, including the Ambassadors and clients, to run full business life cycle of any project that it undertakes in one or more Frontier Markets.

The Coalition’s intelligence in management of wealth of all various kinds enables to contain or reduce costs and imputes both scalability and flexibility to ensure there is no celling to growth.

Blockchain Solutions and Digital Empowerment

The Coalition understands and acknowledges the fact that the world, and especially the developed countries, are advancing towards extensive digitization. Taking that into account, it offers integrated blockchain solutions, including but not limited to introduction of ethereum and smart contracts (cryptlets) for trade clearance and settlement, building decentralized applications and maintenance of device records using IoT.

It enables digital empowerment of clients, both individuals and institutions, for creating an outstanding ecosystem for thoughtful learning, working together and achieving inclusive growth.

It redesigns ideas and systems in a holistic manner that connects societies, governments and companies in a socio-technical hyperloop for achieving sustainable development of all. 

Environment Protection– an upheld value in deed and in truth

The Global Coalition for Frontier Markets is an environmentally and socially responsible initiative, as such, our experts and team members are especially involved in projects that create new opportunities to local communities in Frontier Markets and offer sustainable solutions.