Research and Consultancy


The center conducts tailored researches on market and economic diplomacy related topics in the Caucasus. It offers expert consultancy for business development, which include an array of services like market entry strategizing , establishing tie-ups with local partners, online marketing promotion, lobbying with policy makers, legal assistance in company registration, and so on, depending on specific need(s) of its engaging/ clientele partners.


Audits aren’t always bad for they help you spot problems within your business. The center takes up profession audit for big and small businesses as well as government bodies. It conducts follow-up of business and associated services that it provides to its clientele partners to improve business productivity and profits in terms of revenues, international outreach and overall reputation.

Climate Protection

The Center constantly engages in activities for building a sustainable business environment, ranging from institutional to national and global. It actively advocates for public-private partnerships in conceptualizing and executing sustainability endeavours to enable business to operate profitably and securely in present unpredictable times, and of course without affecting the milieus in which they operate.


The Center conducts regular events, both formal and in-formal, for business professionals from different sectors, researchers and policy makers. The basic purpose of such meetings is to achieve synchronisation between government policies, international/ national regulations and actions of private players. The meet-ups are also a great way for building one’s professional network and a way to share ideas with the right crowd.


The Center frequently conducts workshops on different topics for young people and experienced professionals. Topics covered in these immersive learning sessions, include business model innovation, business communication, capacity building, increasing workforce efficiency and awareness generation to enable public bodies effect societal change through grassroots intervention. The trainings are conducted both online (webinars, video conferencing, etc.) and in person (like classroom style, motivational talks and business coaching).